I wanted to switch the pickups in my Ibanez SZ720 (they're Ibanez/Duncan) for something more suited towards high gain, but maintaining clean tone. I'm playing through a Peavey JSX head into a Mesa 4x12 rectifier cab, and it sounds great, but I feel pickups might give my sound the boost it needs.

Also, I've been looking at some EMGs, but would this be plausible (the current pickups are passive)? Any help is appreciated
Entirely possible, but it means a full electronics swap out (save for possibly the jack, which ibanez tend to supply as Stereo anyway - a requirement for active pickups).

EMG supply 25K pots with their pickups (ibanez ones will be 500K more than likely) - note, 25K not 250K.

EMGs will probably be going in my ibanez S too.
is there a particular tone you are after? And how much are you willing to spend?

EMGs clean tone is a bit unpleasant
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alright, there's no real problem with that, i'm pretty good with electronics...but exactly how crappy would the cleans be? I enjoy cleans for like jazz and blues, so they're pretty important, but distortion is my main focus.
If you mod them to run on 18V, they will sound wonderful whilst clean.

It's really easy, reversible, and only requires 2 batteries instead of one.
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yea 18v, and check out some other active pickups
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Good Plan.

Also, look into the EMG-X series, they sound interesting.
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Bare Knuckles are where to go if you've got the cash. You should definitely consider the Miracle Man or the Cold Sweat. They're far and away the best pickups on the market in most cases and they'll trounce even EMGs at high gain.

DiMarzio are the coolest of the bigger brands IMO. The D-Sonic has a tight bass when the bar magnet's towards the bridge that's great for thrashing and things like that, whereas it's still high gain and heavy but has a pleasing openness with the bar towards the neck. The Tone Zone is nice but will sound flabby and poorly defined in a big mahogany guitar like the SZ. The D-Activators do a remarkable impersonation of an 18V EMG, but avoid the X2N and D-Activator X; DiMarzio don't know shit about double bar magnets. The Super Distortion's classic 80s metal and is used by many many acts, from Kiss to Maiden.
Edit: Also look at the Evolution; killer clarity and shreddy lead tone.
As a neck pickup, the PAF Pro/Joe, Air Norton and FRED are the pick of the DiMarzio pack.

Also, CorduroyEW on this site will wind you a set of brilliant pickups (his neodymium magnets handle great under gain) for a good price but you'd best be in the UK for that.
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