I think the sound from my new guitar sucks..Check this out..


Sound From Sonar: AradazAmp2Green - FA3 Singin - FA3 Stack - CleanFromGuitarNoEffects

What must i do to get better sound?
Yes, the sounds stink, but you also played something quite stinky in a stinking way.
Try to improve there first.
Well, you seem to be a Linkin Park fan, they make rather easy music if I'm not mistaken. Fun for you to play your favourite songs and it'll be easier to learn songs you already know.

About the sound, have you tried to mess around with the EQ in all possible ways and not just strum all the strings.
I have tried to mess all the settings but i can't get good sound..

Maybe i must change something up to my guitar?
It's VST plugin only for pc..

I think that the guitar have the problem and not the amp..
I have that guitar and, granted, it does have muddy pickups, but you need to work more on your playing before you worry about gear too much. I'm currently in a different country, playing a cheap guitar through a god awful amp but it sounds a LOT better than when I first played my PGM through my Orange, just because my playing has progressed alot. You can't ignore the influence of the player on the tone.

Just keep playing and if you want some advice, here is what I say:

Don't put the gain too high.
Mids are the key to a powerful tone. Too much bass makes it muddy and too much treble makes it shrill.
Use all the pickup combinations to find your tones, don't just rely on one setting.
Keep playing and keep enjoying it, that's the key to improving.
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Quote by EleosFever
It's VST plugin only for pc..

I think that the guitar have the problem and not the amp..

Usually, the amp is the problem. Granted, a GRG is not the best guitar in the world, but the amp has a lot more influence on the tone than the guitar. Like others said, you'll need to experiment with your eq a lot.

So, are you using the pc speakers? That could be the reason. A 3" pc speaker sounds a lot different than a 12" amp speaker, not to mention that amp speakers are specifically voiced for use with a guitar amp, pc speakers are not.
Why not *gasp* start learning music by ear, tab just retards your progression.
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I listened to your sound file right now, and to me it sounds like your guitar is either not tuned properly or like you're trying to play dissonant chords. You're also using a lot of gain in that clip most of the time, most likely too much. The sound gets muddy if you have too much gain.
Please give me a easy song to play and the settings for cube15x.. I will record it and upload it here.
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Are you trying to play no more sorrow in standard tuning? I think that may be the problem, i tried doing the same cuz like 2 weeks in I didnt get drop D and i used to love linkin park so yeah, thats what i sounded like. Try tuning your guitar right
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