i have a marshall mg 100 and when i keep the volume siwtch up and the master volume switch at a decent level it sounds fine but when i crank the master switch it seeems to start to sound bassier and loose the tone that i had when the master volume is down. so i was wondering how each of the knobs affect each other
Solid states tend to sound bad cranked. I think it has to do something with clipping. I'm no expert on amps but be prepared to hear "MG's suck!" over and over again...
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Different frequencies are more prominent at different volumes, so even though your EQ knobs are in the same place your tone is going to change as the volume changes.
MG's suck!
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Solid states sound bad when they're running at full volume. When the master volume is turned all the way up, the signals starts to clip.
when amp volume increases the amount of treble and midrange decrease in general (this is from one of the stickies)
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