That's pretty good. I like the acoustic a lot, and the string bends that you do during the acoustic part sound really cool. And the parts where the song just explodes and becomes distorted is a pretty seamless and cool transition. The solo is pretty cool too. However, it is somewhat repetitive to an extent, though horribly. That is the most major thing that I would improve about the song. Other than that, it's pretty good.

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I got bored with it at first, but as soon as the distortion kicked in it made want to keep listening. I liked the solo in it to.
Peace be thy journey
Oh man,
I'm totally addin you guys on myspace

Something In Me

Intro is awesome
The tune itself is very good
Reminds of Sevendust
When the drums came in, it got really awesome haha.
Although it sounds like the acoustic is slightly out of tune.
The electric guitars came in and I came too.

01 Mistakes
Tasty riff on the intro
It gets slightly repetitive with the high pitched notes.

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hey that song is good! i like the acoustic part a lil better then the rockier part but thats just me... i think it stands out on it own much stronger than as a amp driven riff.

good work!
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