okay I have a digi-tech grunge (a great pedal with mondo distortion) and I just got an boss-os2(overdrive/distortion)

If I wanted to get the best possible sound out of using both pedals wich pedal would be the first in the chain???

Also looking for some on-line tutroials about pedal chais too!
Rig the chain (or the order of your pedals) like this.


Basically, this is letting the originally clean sound from your guitar get processed by the OS-2 first. After that it goes through the grunge, which is modifying the already overdriven sound, before going to your amp.

I learned this the hard way, but I know what you're trying to do. (I run my TS7 first, then through my MT-2, then through the CS-3, then the PH-3, after switching and swapping many many MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY TIMES.)

But try switching the pedals (Grunge and THEN OS-2) and see which sound you like better. I was simply saying the way it would NORMALLY go.

Hope I helped.
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But on a more serious note, what Skierinanutshel said.
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Generally you want to put boosters (EQ and most analog overdrive pedals) early in your chain, you want artifical modifiers (distortion) almost last, and really the only things that should come after those are a volume pedal or a tuner.

It depends on the overdrive though. I'm not familiar with the Boss overdrive pedals, but generally overdrive pedals can be set up to do two things; 1) boost the signal to overdrive an already overdriven amp and 2) add distortion using a gain control that has been made to sound like overdrive. If you're using it for #1 then it should be the first thing in your chain except for the EQ, if you're using it as #2 then it's basically just doing the same thing as the other pedal, only with a slightly different tone. So in #2's case it won't really matter which way around you put it.
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Quote by Skierinanutshel
well, try it with the OS-2 first....see how it sounds

then, try it with the OS-2 second....see how it sounds.

and decide.

edit: and what the second poster said....i would not use both of the pedals at the same time.

Im using the os-2 just for the overdrive I'm not using the distortion , thats what the grunge is for...
Quote by kroz18
Im using the os-2 just for the overdrive I'm not using the distortion , thats what the grunge is for...

what i was alluding to....is that using an OD pedal and a disto pedal in conjunction will usually end up in a horrible mis-match (feedback, too much bass, one overpowers the other). unless the two pedals have very similar circuits/components.... i.e. the MI Audio Crunch Box and MI Audio Blues Pro compliment each other very well because of the similar internal make-ups.
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In all seriousness, It doesn't really matter I don't think, unless your using them at the same time, which isn't the best Idea. If for you are putting them together, probably OS-2 the Grunge, but you should try different combinations to find what you like best.

I suggest you don't use them at the same time, for reasons stated by others above.
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Quote by WtrPlyr
I'm with DeltaFunk
well I dont really get any feed back or anything to crazy, I'm just using os-2 as a way to boost my grunge pedal, I like the distortion from the grunge pedal better(more saturated)

I didn't think that using a overdrive as a way to boost the sounds was such an unfamiliar concept... I thought many peeps did that
what you also may be thinking of is a boost pedal, which is different, albeit much the same, to an OD pedal.

boost pedals usually will drive a tube amp into overdrive much the same way an OD pedal, when used as a volume boost, will drive tubes into overdriven tones.

wow, this post was redundant.
yes it is very redundant, I'm aware of what a ''boost'' pedal is, but many guitarist use overdrive as a way to boost distortion, wich i was trying to do..