...can you do me a favor? Can you take some quick measurements for me? I need to know how far from the top of the horns each strap pin is. I'm installing new strap locks on my Xiphos and I figure since the Warrior has a very similar body shape (and better strap pin placement) moving them to a similar location would help balance my guitar a little bit better. Just a quick dimension with a tape measure should suffice nicely.

Thanks in advance.
Theres a bunch of videos on youtube that show where to place them to balance it out.
I know, but I'd be curious to know how that compares to how they are located on the Warrior.

So seriously, nobody here owns a Jackson Warrior? Or are you all just too friggin' lazy to check? Haha!
I'm going to own a Jackson Warrior in the not-so-distant future, but if they strap locations suck, you can just get a wider strap to balance it out.
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The warrior is more neck-heavy than the Xiphos, I would imagine. I at least know my warrior is neck-heavy. I'll get around to it soon if you can't find something nice on Youtube.
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I'll get around to it soon if you can't find something nice on Youtube.

Thanks Comrade. That would be much appreciated.