I'm going to be taking my tremoverb up to my dorm tomorrow. Been in my parent's house and never left my room before so I'm thinking: how should I protect it on the 1 hr. ride to Greeley? Obviously the casters are coming off.
put a condom on in it and call it good...

Or you could sit it in the floor board, I used to moving a half-stack around by throwing it into the trunk so you should be fine
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If there's no one sitting in your passenger seat, right there, belted in. Better than backseat IMO because if you happen to get in a wreck the airbag will keep your amp from getting destroyed.
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So if I telt my amp upward the electronics will be alright?

My car is pretty small so...
yeah, If you tilt it, it should be fine. I car pool with my buddy's to the dorm and I have a big combo amp, so it usually gets jammed in there anyway it fits and it always makes it throught the trip. So i don't think that you have anything to worry about.
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My VK112 has been through hell in my old volvo. I just throw it wherever it will fit, upside down, on its side, under stuff, on top of stuff. As long as nothing can get into the back to knock the tubes around, you're fine. Just shove it in the back seat and don't even bother belting it in. You're not transporting a box of puppies, eggs, and crystal chandeliers, you're transporting a heavy duty professional amplifier. No need to get all anal about it.
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