hey guys, this thread probably comes up a lot, so you can transfer it to the other forum if its better, but basicaly, on my sig are the 3 guitars i play, and i'm willing to spend 400-600 on my first acousitc..i know nothing about brands apart from Taylor.

Can anyone recommend any good acoustics so i can go try them out? cos the acoustic shop on denmark street...like any other acoustic shop has too many..don't know where to start!, don't wanna ask the shopkepper, he'll just make me buy the one he wants to sell.

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Alvarez is an excelent acoustic brand. I played one that was about $500 and then played a Taylor that was $700 and the Alvarez was much better. If you want a high-quality but cheap acoustic, get the Alvarez RD8. However, it is not acoustic-electric and it doesn't have a cutaway.