Does anybody where you can buy them?

I mean those which they had in the 80's
just plain white without colors and stuff.

I've been searching them for like; 2½ year now
and it's driving me insane.

For example Eric Young's
(right up front)
Your avatar made me thing you were aaciseric.

I was gonna make fun of you.

just search for white hitops and youll probably find something similar
*shrugs* Those look a bit like a lot of shoes scene kids wear.
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i have a pair. just grab an original pair off ebay.
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theyre just reebok hitops by the look of it.

and theyre not really oldschool.
reebok pumps
cant get more oldschol than that.
btw u can easily find shoes like that on any mall...
Nike, Vans, Converse are all doing their own versions. It's really not all that hard to find, even in plain white.

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