Just curious. Where does everyone work? Does it suck or is it cool? How much do you get paid?

I intern at a local recording studio. I do menial tasks around the studio like cleaning and organizing stuff, moving and setting gear up, restringing and tuning guitars, and various other random tasks. I do all of this while getting baked as fu*k with my "boss" and listening to him mix music or explain how the studio works. I get to dick around on the instruments and jam with him during down time, and I'll occasionally get paid in weed.
coles supermarkets

finnnalyyy got a job

its ok....only worked a couple of times though. doing the registers is ****in intence as hell.
Well i did work at a local country club, but we ran out of business.
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used to work at a restaurant but it sucked so i left
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at the moment part time dishwasher at a restaurant, 5 bucks an hour, it's pretty cool, because of the people who work there.

aside from that, freelancer 3D designer, awesome job, lousy pay.
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full time operations manager for a feright company. i get barely above the minimum wage for 50-60 hours a week. its absolute sh*t
I'm a student, but I do casual work once or twice a week. Maccas FTW $11 an hour isn't bad, it's more than I used to get before I got a job ($10 pocketmoney a week).
I work at a camp site, in the kitchen. It's good work, people are cool, most kids are friendly and surprisingly rarely douchebags. I wash dishes and do some food preparation.

I get paid 13$/h flat rate, 15$/h Saturdays and like 19$/h Sundays. (Australian dollars...)
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i work at the local drug store. i actually enjoy it! i feel as though i'm doing something productive with my time, and earning minimum wage
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Red Rooster. Not bad at all, manager is awesome, and so is everyone working there. Pay sucks though haha

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I've had various jobs both legal and illegal (as in my age that is,IM NOT SELLIN WEED!)
But at the moment I do a paper round ($15 a week) and as a fruit and veg boy at the supermarket ($10 and hour,4 hour shifts).
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manager at hollister
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I'm a hitman.

PM me if you've got a "job" that needs "doing". Reasonable rates.
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I work at a gas station. It's not that bad. I chased a guy that tryed to steal 4 two liter Cokes.
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I'm a manager at Starbucks.... plz don't judge me
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