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What bands do you now dislike, but previously love. For me even a few years ago i didnt think i wouldnt like metallica or slayer anymore.
Escape the Fate

Friend described them to me as a bit like PtH. Played the intro to "This War is Ours" and I'm thinking "this is pretty good". Then the intro ends and you're left with the musical version of a skidmark
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AC/DC. I hate my username now....

You could always tell people you're a fan of angus beef burgers.
Definately Slipknot. I used to be the typical 13 year old kid blasting Slipknot on their mom's computer..

Now I'm into..Bon Jovi and Europe!
simple plan.... wtf was i thinking back in high school
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Definately Slipknot. I used to be the typical 13 year old kid blasting Slipknot on their mom's computer..

Now I'm into..Bon Jovi and Europe!

Now you're a glam-tard!
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You could always tell people you're a fan of angus beef burgers.

Yeah, i usually try to shoot for that.

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Same, but at least people don't call me and anus lover.

You gona get it.
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I thought I would never get tired of Blink 182. Then when I moved on from that, I never thought I would dislike Ozzy Osbourne or Metallica. Now I hate both with a passion. Funny world we live in.
Green Day. I was totally into them when I was 14.
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Rascal Flats.

EDIT: Nsync. I liked them when I was 4-5.
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metallica and Billy Talent...
i even bought a BT book for 20 bucks (tab)
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iron maiden and megadeth FTFW
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Green Day. I was totally into them when I was 14.

I still like them.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

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Green Day. I was totally into them when I was 14.

Same here, but I was 12.
Then I discovered classic rock
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I agree.
I really can't stand Metallica, Blink or Green Day.
But thats growing up.
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Have to agree about Metallica; I thought there was nothing greater. I think they're a gateway band for a lot of people, they got me into heavy music and played a decent role in my learning of the guitar.
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i was never hugely in2 oasis or linkin park but i dont like them anymore or ac/dc thts only so much 1 person can take of 3 chords n a rock drum beat
The jonas brothers. I seriously didn't know who they were, I thought they were a legimate rock and roll band, not a crappy poser band. I feel pathetic
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3-4 years ago I was a fervent fan of shredders such as Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, etc. Now I can't stand that stuff. I've come to the conclusion that they suck.

I also never thought I would stop liking rock and metal, but that's what it's been like recently.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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the spice girls.
how i've changed in the last decade
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Once I heard Alice in Chains and Soundgarden,I was (even at the tender age of 14) pretty sure that this was what I was going to be listening for the rest of my life,and that grunge was the end all for music...then someone gave me the albums "Countdown to Extinction" and "Master of Puppets"...

I was never the same
I used to like panic at the disco... thier first album, at least.
I also used to like fall out boy... before thier latest 2 albums.
There are more..
It happened to me with Blink 182, but senior year of high school and the end of my childhood, I was obsessed with Pokemon, Power Rangers, and everything I loved as a kid. Now I enjoy Blink 182 again!
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Green Day and Blink 182 definitley.

Yeah, they were all I would listen to back in 3-5th grade, then for a year I liked slipknot, then I discovered Zeppelin, who I still enjoy, now I like thrash.
I dont listen to nu metal anymore but I dont really dislike those bands, I could still enjoy a SOAD tune
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Yeah, i usually try to shoot for that.

You gona get it.

I'm sorry but when I read your user title I saw "Ug's anus beef burger lover"

EDIT to say something pertaining to the thread, Green Day was my favorite band from ages 7-12 I thought they were going to be it forever, but like my friend's girlfriend, they weren't it, American Idiot ruined them, but at age 11 I discovered what was called "Metal" and "Classic Rock"

MY cousin on the other hand gets into so many bands then just leaves them Insane clown posse
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People's tastes change, but that does not mean that you suddenly 'grow up' or 'mature' or something.

I still listen to Blue or AC/DC or any other band/artist I like along with music which I've recently discovered, like Shostakovich and Immortal Technique. But that dosen't make me any more mature than what I was before.

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