I've had my MIM Standard Tele since August last year, and I know it's a great guitar. I tried a couple Teles at the store, and when I picked up this one, I was impressed by how amazing it's neck is, it's so nice to play. So I bought it. It's my first and only Tele.

But I just can't seem to bond with it. It sounds nice enough with the stock pickups, but I really hate the color. It's a midnight wine, and while some people like it, to me it's the ugliest color out of the whole Fender line. It's the last color I would pick, but I bought this Tele since it's playability is so good, and everything else is top-notch. I think the main reason I haven't had too much fun with it is that I don't like how it looks at all lol.

So basically, what I'm saying is, I'm thinking of selling or trading it, to be able to get a finish I like better (and with some nicer pickups, probably Toneriders Hot Classics). But I just feel that it may be a mistake to get rid of it because of something like the color. Playability should come first, but I'd really rather have a natural finish, black, butterscotch or blonde.... I'm getting a black pickguard hoping I'd like how it looks with that, but I don't know...

Do you think it would be a mistake to get rid of it for another Tele with a finish I like better? I really haven't played it too much in the last two months.
Why not just strip it and respray it a colour you like?
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Why dont you just paint it?

I don't have the materials nor the knowledge for that.
I honestly think color is the last thing that should be considered.
But if youre unhappy, its your guitar. I would either color it in stickers or something. You could have it painted, but that can cost up as much or more as the guitar itself.
If you can find another tele that plays the same or better in a color you like more, than go for it. But make sure you know its what you really want
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If you were to sell it, how much would you want for it?

I don't know what Standard Teles are going for these days, I'd have to check. What about $280
By the time you've paid out for a new one, you could probably have just had this one refinished. Refinishing does cost a few hundred usually but it shouldn't be too expensive if it's just a basic colour you want like plain black.

Though for what it's worth, I never buy a guitar unless I love how it looks. The 59 Gibson I ended up with actually isn't my #1 pick of finish, but that really was a rare exception because this specific guitar was just so flawless in every other respect. That one exception aside, I don't see why you would ever hand over money if you didn't like the look of a guitar. In my experience Mexican Fenders don't vary in quality as much as American Fenders and Gibsons, so I would have said you should have just kept looking to begin with.
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Quote by qwertyuiop8642
Why dont you just paint it?

I agree.
If i ever had a guitar and after a good while I stopped liking the finish, I'd mask that mofo up and whipout the sandpaper and spray paints-cause I'm short on cash.
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New things are in order.
Getting a paint job costs like $80.
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I don't have any experience stripping a guitar and painting it, and I don't want to screw it up. I already called a luthier, and he said it would be a couple hundred to re-finish it. That's not worth it.

I hate the color, but it played well so I got it, but maybe that was a bad decision. I was thinking I'd connect with it over time, but that hasn't happened, and I don't think it will. I'll probably end up selling it, and get either a new Mexican, or a Squier Classic Vibe.

I guess I should have been 100% happy with the guitar before I bought it.
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I'm definitely interested, but I gotta think it through a bit (that is only if you truly want to sell it)
Does it have a case?

I'll be including the gig bag too.

But I'll have to think about it too. I know I'm definitely, 100% getting rid of it. But I just threw that number $280 out there, I don't know if that's a fair price considering it's almost in mint condition, and I paid $420 with tax for it new.

If you want it though, I can hold on to it until you make up your mind.

EDIT: Well maybe not 100% certain. lol. I'll figure out if I'm getting rid of it or not.
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