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Dimarzio Evolution set
2 50%
Dimarzio Evo2(Bridge)/ Evolution Neck Set
1 25%
Seymour Duncan Full Shred Set
1 25%
Dimarzio D Activator Neck/ Evolution Bridge Set
0 0%
Other : Explain in Post
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Voters: 4.
Im changing the pickups in my Jackson DK2M. I believe it has a Seymour Duncan 59'/JB set in it right now and i was wondering what pickups I should get. I play stuff like Racer X, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Megadeth, Jason Becker... Etc. So I was thinking either Dimarzio Evolutions or Seymour Duncan Full Shred set. I have heard excellent things about the Evos. But should I get the regular set or the regular evo in the neck and the Evo 2 in the bridge? And about the Seymour Duncans I have also heard good about them. To be honest I love Steve Vai's tone so Im a little more inclined to getting the Evos.
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Originally Posted By iron_maiden93

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i think paul gilbert uses a tone zone for the bridge
i've got one in my DKMG and i like it a lot. don't have anything to really compare it to though and i suck at trying to describe tone
theres a thread on this but it depends a bit on your amp too if your amp isnt any good id suggest new amp , but to answer you question if you amp is bright then original evo could be kinda harsh and since alder is already bright notes should sing well if you have a rly dark amp then the evo could be a good, if not evo 2. im not sure about the duncans but i know the pgm301 are loaded with paf pros im not sure if they are hot enough for you but if your looking for gilbert tone you could put one in the neck and something hotter in the bridge im not sure about the other pick ups though