This is just a rough recording i did to see how it would sound and get some criticism..still working on the final recording.. c4c

song is in profile titled "idk"
yeah...i didn't even use my mixer...just a computer mic... i just recorded a rough ****ty version, mainly so i can figure out some improvising for it
I really like the song. It sounds good the way it is, and I'm sure it'll sound even better when mixed and everything. I like the vocals especially. It kinda sounds like Billy Corgan, but less annoying and more relaxed. It goes good with the guitar parts. I really dig the little break down where the acoustic plays some high notes, it's really nice. Keep at this song, I'd download it and put it on my iPod for sure.

Check out mine! Song is ilikenaps, link in the sig, the thread is...
better singing than mmost people I hear on here haha

great song to relax to

I like how you switch it up at just the right time before it gets old

guitar work overall sounds great!

EDIT: link changed
C4C -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB_uNLbjwNs
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