Can Anyone help me with a few choices. I have quite stubbly hands and 7.5" from wrist to middle finger tip.
My strat copy I have at the moment has always made my hand ache after a while when fretting the bottom E and A strings.
I've been advised to get a guitar that is in the style of a les Paul but I don't want to get a les paul because I like to be a bit different from the mainstream.
I would however like to have something along these lines and also have a coil tap to give me some versatility.
The 3 guitars I have been considering are the:
Washburn WI200 PRO-E - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=E11zGA3-yb4

Vintage AV2 - http://www.jhs.co.uk/vintageadvance.html#av2

Cort M600 - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qj2-Z2p3UUs&feature=PlayList&p=1A5F34381A7811EA&index=4

What I really need to know is are the neck profiles small for good playability. I did try a schecter sunset extreme today, guitar iteself was not suitable for what I want, but the neck was fantastic, could easily get my fingers up to the bottom E with little effort.
Anyone with knowledge of these guitars and other possible candidates please let me know.

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washburn those are worth the money and best guitars in their price range.

where else can you get a guitar with grover tuners, emg 81/85 pickups and maple neck for under 250 quid?
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Ideally anything with a 24 3/4" neck would be suitable. A Les Paul would be good for due to having that scale length.

You could try SG's or anything like that.

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I'm very tempted with the Washburn but have they got a thin neck. Also where have you seen it for £250?
Also would I be better going for the Pro-E or the Pro as I saw an article that made out the EMG pickups are better for metal and the Seymore Duncons for Rock.
What's your take on this?
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If you want a thin neck, anything except ibanez or jackson would probably be fine. However, les pauls tend to have thick, meaty necks. Wouldn't a thin neck fit better if you have small hands?

I thin neck is what I want. Sorry for any confusion.
Now that you have a backup, you can just sand down the neck of your strat copy a bit.
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RG's are mostly built for very fast shred and metal playing, although they can be modded for rock. Ibanez ART300 might do you good. 24 3/4" scale, active pickups with very good tone contorl and versatility, Les Paul shape, all the good stuff.