i have to write a six page essay for university by monday and i havent started how the hell do i stop procrastinating
im gonna go out on a limb here and say just do it
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Just do it later man no rush

Have you planned it?

Just start simply, and write out dot points. Concentrate on one dot point at a time. This should help to focus you and take your mind off procrastinating. If you want to get something to eat or drink, don't. Make yourself finish something, i.e. two dot points, before you allow yourself a break like that. Guitar, TV, games? Forget about them.

Trust me, I'm a terrible procrastinator sometimes, and the above usually works for me.

EDIT: And get the hell off non-related internet sites.
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How do you stop procrastinating? Well, you could try setting up a time schedule when you first get the assignment and just do a little bit at a time.

But do I practice what I preach? No...

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A wise lesbian comedian once said, "Procrastinate today, because you might not have the chance to tomorrow"
Life is lame so let me eat your brain
Life is lame so let me eat your brain
Life is lame so let me eat your brain
What the hell kind of 'university' gets you to write an essay based on the number of pages lol.... Thats like grade school shit surely.