I have mid-80s Peavey Predator (white body with a black pickguard, ash body, maple neck, old [maybe original] electronics, broken whammy bar [oops]). It is the greatest strat copy ever. Anyways, I need new electronics, saddles, and a nut. I'm going with graphite saddles and nut for tuning stability. I'm gonna go with a pre-wired pickguard and I need you guys to judge it for me.

Here's the link to what I think would be good:

EDIT: Saddles and nut:
Nut: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Graph-Tech-Slotted-TremNut-for-Stratocaster?sku=360450
Saddles: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Graph-Tech-String-Saver-Saddle-Import-Set?sku=305101