that you can play triplets really fast? either way, it could be good or bad, some mean it in a "you cant play with feeling kinda way", and others mean "holy crap your good,!"
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Depends what context.

If someone says "you're a shredder"... and he plays shred... he would say "...duh"

If someone says "Dude, you shred on guitar!" probably means that you tear up the notes like a badass without regard to the genre Shred.
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It means you got the licks to score the chicks.

not always, people like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Buckethead etc are considered shredders, yet all there music has feeling in it.

but of course there are those who do play without emotion. but don't roll all shredders into one sterotypical ball.
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along with fire escape routes...

GODDAMNIT! Die already, you stupid multi.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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It means you play guitar like two horny 16-year olds would have sex while high on coke after drinking a crate of energy drink behind them.
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it means you've got the chops to sell in shops.

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SOMEONE has never listened to a Steve Vai record!

Steve Vai doesn't even shred, but still, it just means playing fast and heavy. Usually it's a compliment, but so many bands think they're good just by playing random notes really fast *coughbucketheadcough* that most people gave up on it, and now it's about "feeling".....