The transition at around 50 seconds could be a little more fluent, the harmonies 1:40 are nice, and the solo needs a bit of work but for the most part is pretty good. I like the structure and the dramatic end is awsome. I'd say 8/10.

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Peace be thy journey
I like the guitar riff, although I'm not quite into that kinda stuff. The electronic drums was a bit annoying sometimes, but it's just something ya have to deal with until you can get some acoustic drums. I'd recommend to keep it a little less repetitive is when the bass drum at 0:36 plays every beat, it should change at 0:42 to a kind of hit on 1 (and the) &, and... I really don't know what the hell I'm doing cause I have no idea how to explain what I mean. Just change up the bass give it a slower feel cause it just gets overwhelming. But besides that, I really like it, it's good stuff.