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So I have this little phobia about soft drinks. If I leave them unattended I constantly think about whether or not a bug got into it, because as a kid I remember seeing bees flock to my sprite cans during the summer and I can't get the image out of my head. Thankfully I have never actually ran into the problem where I drank the drink and there was a bug in it, but have any of you? Sounds like it would be real ****ty.
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Yea one time i took a drink out of a coke can and I got stung on the lip. Thank god i didn;t drink the bee though. that was the my first bee sting. i got over it , so should you.
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I'm like that sometimes. To resolve the issue, I like to blow in the can's hole and if nothing flies out, I'm good.
I swigged a yellow jacket into my mouth once.

I chewed and ate that bastard.
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Yeah man, believe it or not one of my moms friends swallowed a bee when it flew into her can, she died because it sting her from the throat or something, she told me that when I was younger and from then on I have always watched my drink for that kind of stuff.
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A bee stung the inside of my mums mouth after it crawled inside a half empty can.
my brother had this glass of sea monkeys in his room when i was a child, i thought it was water, i drank it all
A bee flew into my dad's beer can once, and it stung him in the back of his mouth. He could barely talk for a few days.
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A moth drowned itself in my glass of coke

the way you wrote it made it seem like a conscious decision from the moth.

I never drink Coke, so I've never had that problem.
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scares me too.

man, it looks like it would hurt so bad!! i also don't like walking on clover in summer for fear of being stung in the foot. it hurts!
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