Hey hey, I am looking for some new pickups for my Ravenwest guitar (dual humbuckers). I am looking for a pickup that can mostly do hard rock/some metal, but also can clean up decently if need be.

Not looking for anything super expensive either...I will probally buy used, or if there is something that will work for Guitar Fetish, I will look into that.

The guitar has some Blade style PUPS, and it has coil taps... However I dont really like the sound I get from them. I really like my SD'59 and Distortion combo on my LP, however I could maybe use a little more gain then that on the RWG (24 frets, Floyd, Neck thru)

Thanks people.
The GFS pickups on guitar fetish will serve your needs... Read up and choose your flavor I suppose... Probably either Crunchy or Power Rails in the bridge and an Alnico Fat Pat (PAF design) at the neck.
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Just any 2 dimarzio's?

for versatility? Seymour Duncan '59/JB. They are a hit or miss. Love em' or hate em'
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It's supposed to be like an original Gibson Patent Applied for Humbucker. It's vintage styled. You could get a Bare Knuckle Vintage Hot humbucker like the VHII or Emerald if you want to spend lots o moneys. The Holydiver would probably be a good choice too.
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those gfs veh pickups are really versatile. I put my gain on and then i roll back the volume and it really cleans up well then it bites like a mother****er
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for versatility? Seymour Duncan '59/JB. They are a hit or miss. Love em' or hate em'

I wanted to say that, but people always say that...haha. As far as Dimarzio pickups, a good high output one in the bridge and lower output for the neck should be versatile and heavy enough. Just look around and see what you like best. Personally, I prefer Seymour Duncan though.