I hit a major block in the road. I love playing bass and all, but lately I've been having a serious craving to start playing guitar. Something seems fun about being more in charge of how the song sounds, and I want to be able to cover Ryan Adams songs. I think what also is playing a big part is the lack of bass tabs for songs I want to play, and I can't really tab them out by ear yet. The question is - should I keep my bass, and get a guitar? If I buy a bass amp, I can play both out of it without any trouble, correct? Input, experience, it all helps here! Thanks.
i started on bass, and then got a guitar, never hurt me. I think i play my bass more now since i can use either. You can write riffs on guitar, go over to the bass, write a bass part & vice versa. the freedom is cool for songwriting & recording (particularly with mates since you got all you need. well,asides from drums lol!).

Also having played bass gives you an obvious head start on learning. Oh, and your bass amp will work for both (hopefully its not damaging to it, i use mine for both when i cant be arsed to use my guitar amp lol)

Just make sure its what you want to do though, play someone elses guitar to see if u like it etc. Also see if you can get any inspiration for bass though, since you can get in a rut on any instrument lol, and id advise you to NOT abandon bass altogether.

also think about if its where you want your cash to go lol, music is expensive these days lol
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Well the generic response would be 'do what feels right musically to you'

But my response would be that there aren't enough good bassists in the world.
And there are more then enough fledgling guitarists out there.

And you said about leading the song with a guitar?
I always think of the guitar as simply playing lead parts over the top of where the real music comes from, which is the combination between the bass and drums(And rythm guitar on occasion).

And yes, guitars work through bass amps.
Playing other instruments allows you to understand your own better. If you want a guitar, get one. There's no moral quandry, nothing's going to suffer, except maybe your school grades. If you prefer guitar, then let guitar become your main instrument and have bass on the side. It isn't about how many good bassists there are as opposed to good guitarists- it's about what's more appealing to you.
My Motto is--learn as many instruments as you can. Each will teach you something different and bring out a different creative side to your playing.
I have a guitar, i bought cause i was bored with bass, but i never really got the hang of it, it will most likely make playing bass much more enjoyable. I only use it now for song writing etc, and messing on. Not seriously and if i needed th money i wouldnt mind selling it.
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