Alright, so i need a new guitar, i have a Fender Squire, so this will be quite an upgrade. I only have a Squire because i wanted to make sure id stick to playing and not give up, and well, i know ill stick with it now so its time to upgrade!

Im looking for i guess a mid ranged guitar, not too expensive but i want it to sound good.

I play a variety of music from Iron Maiden, Children of bodom, A7X, Some classic rock, Ozzy Stuff.. so i want something that can play a wide range of styles..

So far I've tryed out an epiphone sg and loved it.

So, any suggestions fellas?

Going down to GC again soon to try some stuff out.
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What amp do you have?

Frontman 15G and/or Spider III depending on the day
but im getting a new amp shortly after the guitar purchase.
Hagstom. Specifically, the Ultra-Lux XL-2 or XL-5.
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So far I've tried out an Epiphone SG and loved it.

Going down to GC again soon to try some stuff out.

Well, I'd say keep the SG in mind, but try a variety of guitars.

If you find something you like better, get it. You're the best judge of what you want.

Also, if you liked your Strat, maybe a MIM/MIA Strat? You should be able to find an American Standard in that price range; definitely a MIM.
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It's a better idea, especially as you have 2 bad amps and one somewhat bad guitar. You will sound better for the short time you have a good amp and a somewhat bad guitar than if you have a good guitar and 2 bad amps.
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epi SG

I've played the G-400.. but i like the SG Prophecy.. i was guna try that out.
I think the middle range LTD's would be a good choice. Although it is more for metal. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-LTD-EC500-With-EMG-Pickups?sku=512885

Although the best thing would be to go a guitar store and just try out all the guitars in your price range and pick the one you like most.
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