well i went to a store and tried out a Guild S-100 guitar and i liked it. if any of you guys tried it, what are your opinions? (here's a picture of the one i want)
Looks pretty sweet.

If you like it, and it plays nice, and the price is right then I say go for it.



Looks like a solid guitar, but I don't know much about Guild.

If it feels good to you, and plays nice, then you go right ahead and buy it. Don't let us tell you otherwise. :P
Hey if you are still deciding on the guild.... GO FOR IT!!!!

I own one myself. not a s-100 but a s-300 A and it is amazing. every one that i play with that has used it loves it and it is about 30 years old, yet it plays great. I am looking to buy a new guitar soon also and I love my guild so much im thinkin of gettn another guild.....