Most of Fender's amps gives one the clear, chimey tone that I'm looking for on cleans.

However, the tone with gain/overdrive seem to vary in quality, or so I've heard.

Which of their amps can give me both, or at least a decent rendition of the latter? I figure I can always get an OD/Distortion pedal if that's impossible.

Fender's are sort of the standard for clean tones, and have a light, creamy overdrive.

The "chimey" tone sounds like a compressor is being used.
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either the Deluxe or maybe a used Fender Twin? i'd say the Deville too, but that depends on if you want a 4x10 or the regular 2x12 combo, because the 4x10 has some nice blues bottom end. as far as gain, their gain channels are extremely loud from the start and dont sound that great unless you get it cranked, and with my deluxe i did that only once...head hurt bad after that! soooo OD pedals get used with my fender amp lol
Driven tubes sound good as they almost will. Distortion leaves much to be desired to my ears.

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