Hey pit monkeys

this is somthing i still havent finished yet and am sorta stuck with. it would be really cool if u could tell where to go. id also be keen to hear your thoughts on the heavyer bit at the end
post rock.zip
You really need to get rid of a /lot/ of that open e stuff that's going through most of the song. It becomes very grating very quickly.

Bar 114 onwards is excellent. I hear a lot of Russian Circles influence, perhaps?

EDIT: As for where to go next, perhaps a revisit to that initial bassline and drumming, without the clean guitar doing it's e strumming.
wow thats pretty awesome, when the high e stops aurally raping me... but i found that the first chords that the clean guitar strums sound awesome played by a piano, check it out.
and after what you have maybe a little slow bridge, into a lower variation/ harmony of the intro?
Quote by voidSkipper
Bar 114 onwards is excellent. I hear a lot of Russian Circles influence, perhaps?

That's what I was thinking. I really enjoyed that last section.

As for 1-32, it sounded like one of the soft parts off of Isis's Panopticon. I can see how you wanted to spice up the drums at 33, but it sounds pretty awkward, especially the with the bass drum. I'd go with a slightly more simple hi-hat pattern. Overall, you did a good job though. Keep it up!
Hey it's this guy again

Your works always got an extremely mellow vibe to em, I like it. The e string thing in the beginning can get repetetive, but if there are vocals with lyrics over them then it wouldn't matter as much.

The end really kicked up, and I think it went pretty nice. I think what you should do is instead of having that last riff repeat four times, have it go twice, and then two more times with a harmony. Then after that maybe an electric guitar riff for a verse afterward.

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Great song. The bass at the beginning sounds weird at some times. I liked the drums at 33. I agree with everyone else about the open e thingy, works great for the intro, but gets really annoying. 114-129 sounded great, specially the repeating pattern between 122-129. It's coming up great. Keep working on it.

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