Mine's July because I live in NY and it's really hot and beautiful outside all the time and I'm not at school, just working at a job I enjoy, making money, and with plenty of free time : )
October man, my birthday, thanksgiving and All Hallows Eve. one hell of a badass month
Seriously, f*ck off with the R.I.P Dimebag bullsh*t, you dont see the bass forums going R.I.P Jaco everytime some one mentions him!
July...because it's the month in which I was born!
Her friends are gazing on her,
And on her gaudy bier,
And weep!-oh! to dishonor
Dead beauty with a tear!
They loved her for her wealth-
And they hated her for her pride-
But she grew in feeble health,
And they love her-that she died.

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June. E3

Hopefully this year it will go back to how it used to be, the last few years its have been rubbish :/
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i enjoy rain, so the rainiest month
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graphs. graphs always work. my old work place had an awesome printer, so i was constantly making graphs.

that was until i made a graph of how much my boss pissed me off. but seriously dude, graphs.

Birthday, Christmas, a small vacation... doesn't really get very much better

S t a i r s s r i a t S

The summer months for lack of school, but weatherwise, I like November alot. Nice breeze, leaves are colorful (we change pretty late), and everythings just cool.
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that is one goddamn shiny mother****ing toaster you have there
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It seems the top of those waffles are burnt.
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The toast has little red arrows growing from it. Nobody wants that.

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i enjoy rain, so the rainiest month

I thought I was the only one who enoyed rain. :P
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Late Spring

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october because its harvest time

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May or October.

May because it's my birthday month and it's an indication to the final stretch of school related activity. Or October because it's the time of the year where it's "not quite winter, but still cold". Or "Fall", as they call it....
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February because of my Birthday
UG Republican

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I'm dissapointed by the lack of penis.

If anyone sigs that, i'll fucking kill them.

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And I enjoy Katy Perry's music.

I swear to god nobody better sig this or else imma kill them
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February, incidentally. It's a good month. Nice and short, the end of Winter, and it's the time of year I get closer to the average life expectancy.
That's a really long winded way of saying "my birthday"
September, Back to uni after a boring summer of idiots in my hometown, weathers starting to cool down a bit and it's my birthday.
Down here in southern texas, its always hot =\
i like december/january. also thats when there is playoff football and bowl season on college football
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Yeah, you definitely raped his churches and burned his women.

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Forgive the bluntness, but what in the chucklefucking hell is this?
May, not too hot, not too cold. Get some rain but not too much. Also school is just about out and people seem cheerier
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November, its getting hot, but its not yet too humid, also the school year is drawing to a close.