alright, my friend and I started a metal band but we're the only two people. He refuses to allow a rhythm guitarist or bassist join, because I play guitar, he plays drums, and he seems to think thats good enough. But here's another thing: he almost never talks about drumming, always talks about playing guitar and doing solos/crazy riffs (which he can't do, he can't even pick as fast as I can). And he seems to think that I am rhythm guitar, even though I play the solos and lead parts. He also brags about how metal we are, but his singing voice sounds like a cheap rip off of Green Day. Whenever questioned about how we're going to do this if we ever play a gig, he makes up some **** or jokes about it and never gives a serious answer. We double-record tracks and sound decent, but he pretty much tries to take charge and thinks he can scream when what it really sounds like is vomiting.

To add on to all of that, we can't cover anything because he never appears to remember how the timing is or when certain riffs come (and he forgets the timing in Walk by Pantera) then he bitches at me for playing it the right way.... he has a Revenge warlock and doesn't deserve it!

However, I have another possibility. My other friend is a rhythm guitarist who I have made up coordinated stuff with, but here's the thing: he plays things from blues to limited hard rock. The only metal he'll play is metal with no screaming. His dream guitar is single-coils so you can imagine how he plays. But I'm not a genre bitch and I like that other stuff too. We play very well, he knows a few drummers and we can find a bassist easy. The opportunity is slapping me in the face but still I don't know. I'd much rather play what I truly want to play, but I don't like being controlled too much. And I hope that if I do start this other band, that we'll be able to sound something like Queens of the Stone Age combined with Muse. I would like that.

Read this whole thing, its more of a bitch to type it than to read it. And of course, tell me what you think.
The answer is easy. Ditch the drummer your currently with.
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He sounds like a big headed b@stard.. Join up with the other guitarist and start a band.
EDIT: Any chance he got the Warlock because of the shape?
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Yeah, either ditch the drummer alltogether or get together with the rhythem guitarist and offer to let him join if he gets his timing together.

If you stick with the guy, you'll be doing what you're doing now in a year.
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First off, it's not more of a bitch to type than read because when you type it you have an interest in it. We don't have an interest in reading it. So your last line is a flat out fallacy.

More to the point of your post, why can't the other band be your primary focus, and you still write and record for your metal project? Its not like you'll be gigging with it, so you can make it your primary outlet for what you love without it interfering with the rock band, which will afford you gigging opportunities and band interplay experience?
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Either you're full of shit, or your friend is a stooge.

Either way, sounds like you need a new friend.
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Go with the the blues to hard rock guy. You and him might come out with your own style. Blues-classic Rock can mix with metal.Check out Black Stone Cherry to see what i mean.
Quote by a7xf@n43v3r
...And I hope that if I do start this other band, that we'll be able to sound something like Queens of the Stone Age combined with Muse. I would like that.

If you think you would enjoy it, then do it. You'll probably end up bringing lots of stuff to the table from your style anyway. Go for it.
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yeah ditch that loser

start that other band..............andm if your going insane not wanting to play what you want to play....start a side project down the line
Why can't you do both?

Personally I'd get rid of the drummer but I don't see why you can't have two things going.