i've recently bought a little brass slide and im lost on how to use it exactly. does anyone have any websites/songs/help on how to practice and use it properly?
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It's simple enough, make sure the slide is clean, put it on the middle finger while muting behind the slide with the index and just rest it on the string gently without putting on too much pressure and just slide to above the fret wire.
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that took me 30 seconds on google. i'm not even gonna give the website because otherwise you won't learn anything.
p.s.-way to go on learning slide. your a beast
I believe there are some videos in youtube.
What you wanna do is place the slide it on your pinky or your ring finger. Lightly touch the strings (Don't press them down) and voila. Also to sound in tune your slide must be hovering right above a fret.
Normally when playing slide you might have to change tunings
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okay thank you guys, and yeah athlete1 I looked around a bit before posting but I always find it the most helpful to ask people directly. I found a few web pages but was not sure on how much I should push down with the slide or about muting the strings. thanks.
i like broccoli and long drives at the beach on my segway