Rise Against used to be one of the great punk bands out there. And then they signed to whatever record deal and released The Sufferer and the Witness, and it's been downhill from there. It went from guitar hero, which caused a bunch of posers to pop out and say they're huge Rise Against fans even though they've never heard songs like Blood-Red White and Blue. Their new album had way too many songs about love, and their lyrics are becoming pretty emo. I think Rise Against punk days are gone. Emo is taking over, from the looks of it.
Rise Against was never punk
You can't sell out if you've always been commercial.
"emo" does not equal selling out.
They are NOT turning emo.
Go away.

emo > Rise Against

Holy balls, lyrics cannot be a genre, and maybe the bands just writing about oh, i dont know, what they're going through. And how are lyrics about love and loss bad? they're real issues people deal with. I dont see what you have against that.

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