Okay soo i started this song, and i dont really know what to do next. What does it need and where should i go? also, sorry about the lack of drums i kind of suck at drums..
got it! now listen and crit please!
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it was kind of wierd with all the time signature changing
it wasn't really metalcore either

Rate min eplz
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Why didn't you just notate the beginning in 7/8? Makes much more sense.
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I liked the begnning with the outbursts of guitar but I found that after that it spiralled out of control. Some of it works some of it seem unecessary and sounded quite awkward (lack of bass + drums I think, misuse of chromatic scale in places). Try writing a song around that beginning riff, expanding it then brining a clean chorus perhaps? 7/10 At the moment from me
That was really random (not in a good way, unfortunately).
The riffs are all pretty good, but it seems you haven't put much thought into the song structure, you really need to work on that. Maybe if you add some transitions between parts, it would flow better.
Also, while I don't think it desperately needs drums;I believe a bass will do wonders.

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hahahaha wow i didnt realize how random this was. i think i just wanted to post something up, im sorry guys. this is pretty terrible. and i didnt even think about 7/8...