Okay so basically i've been playing for about like 4 years now and i guess i'm pretty average when it comes to playing the guitar (i mostly play like rhcp, anberlin, ratm kinda songs).....BUT i have a problem: i need help on soloing! I know the blues and the ionian (major) scale but i just can't seem to come up with my own cool solos by myself. It's weird when i'm jamming along to a song (like scar tissue by the red hot chili peppers) i can solo whenever i'm playing along but when i try to do my own stuff i just can't do it!! Any tips from u guitar gurus out there??? and any other scales that might reinforce my soloing style later on??
make sure you know those scales up and down the neck to help you bust out of single position playing. also learn your 3 different minors (natural, harmonic, melodic) also dont be afraid to use accidentals, those can often add the most color and character to a solo.
Personally, I try to listen to music with Decent soloing.
It helps inspire me.

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Destroy your guitar. Run up and down the neck, use the feel hst matches the song you are playing. Be unique. Hell, smack the strings with a magnet. Flick them. Or just bust out sheer technical goodness. Do tapping licks based off of chords formulas. Learn the other major scales.....
Train your ear!

Like, seriously, train your ear. If you train it, you can hear and know what you want to play. The more you train, the more you can pull sh*t out of your amp and make what you're playing sound like "feel" (whatever that means).
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By 'your own stuff', I assume you mean songs you've written. If you're an improvisor, download some backing tracks (preferably in D, Dm, Em, and G), and play along until you feel you've got enough material to go off without repeating yourself.

If you're the sort that needs to know a key to play in (I am), then sit down with a book of scales and analize the song in question. If the song has C, G, Am and F chords for instance, it could potentially be in three or four common keys, or an oddball one. Play the scales that contain those notes until you get a 'feel' you like. That's the key your solo is going to be in.

I have a song I wrote that's got a solo in E harmonic minor. It's a weird key (for me), and I can't just go off and play that key. But in the context of the song I can, since I've gotten a feel for what goes where.

Another great way to practice is to try to play along to the vocal line, or even to make up another harmony.
Learn two or three major and minor pentatonic patterns. These are best for beginners because they're so consonant.

Learn to phrase yourself. Try to phrase your solo's like a singer. Ever noticed that singers pause to breath and never have abrupt or random sounding notes? Try to sing with your guitar and maybe even copy vocal melodies.

Play in key. As in, if your song is in A minor, you're not going to play C major pentatonic or whatever, you're going to play A minor pentatonic.

Learn your theory and learn it properly (don't start assuming information). Contrary to beliefe, theory does not make you a souless shredder.

If you get good, you might want to start playing with a rhythmic backing track. As in, you should hit a nice meaningfull note whenever you hear the music pulse. These pulses are usually called stressed beats.

If you get even better, you might want to start playing chord tones on these stressed beats. So if you're playing over a Bm chord you should aim to hit a B, D, F# on these stressed beats.
[U]        | |                     [/U]
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