So, first off I know nothing about amps, so please excuse my ignorance. I've been reading these boards but haven't found anything that matches the music I want to play and my budget.

I'm still using the crappy 15w crate amp that came with my Ibanez years ago. I plan on replacing both eventually but I want to replace the amp first. I'm looking for an amp that sounds really good at low levels since I'm not playing any gigs and mostly play by myself. I'm thinking 30w would be a good size?

I play mostly Radiohead, RHCP, Kings of Leon, MGMT, and a bunch of Indie bands and I have no desire to play metal. I'm wanting to be able to have the same tones as these bands, especially the experimental sounds of Radiohead and MGMT. I eventually want to have a bunch of effects to play with, so I've been looking at Peavey Vypyrs, which I hear are great. Should I get one of those or a different amp with a few pedals?

My budget is 300$ and I'll have more money in a few months to buy pedals or to save up for a new guitar. Thanks a lot for your help!
Vox Valvetronix make some low watt amps with good sound for Indie. They are very versatile and can cover any style of playing. Look into those.
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What would you recommend for effects if I were to get the Valvetronix amp?

I've also heard that Marshall MG's are great amps. Are they any good for the music that I want to play?
I personally think the MG series sounds terrible, especially for what you want to do. Valvetronix series is probably your best bet, unless you wanted to save up more for a tube amp.
I've heard that tube amps need to be played loud to warm them up. I think my roommates would kill me.

Also, would I be better off buying a multi-fx pedal with an amp, or just starting a collection of separate pedals. I really want to get some Radiohead and MGMT type psychedelic sounds.
i wouldn't start collecting lots of pedals, they wont sound great with a bad amp. marshall MG's are actually not very good in the least, as you will learn on this forum. a multi FX would actually be good for you, i suggest looking for a used vox tonelab (new they cost 400), or a modeling amp like the vox VT30

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MG is awful.
U don't need to be really loud to get a good sound out of tubes. Just get a 15 watt tube amp or something and it will sound great at apartment volumes. I have a laney vc15 and it's great. I play classic rock and stuff like that but it can do almost anything as long as you don't want to go into metal or very heavy rock.

However, if you decide that valve amps are too much, the vox valvetronics are the best alternative, you don't need pedals with it because it has all that stuff built in.

But there ain't nothin like a the sound of a decent valve amp.

Bare in mind that this is just my opinion and you should really just try out whats in your local store and see what you like.