Hello, Im interested in upgrading my begginer yamaha bass to something that is more suited to metal and a bit nicer sounding. The only problem is I like Iron Maiden (Precision bass?) and metallica (?? Bass). Is it impossible to get a bass suited for power metal like Iron Maiden and Thrash Metal/Metal like Metallica?

EDIT: I'm sorry if the FAQ's ment for me not to post these sorts of questions..
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get a pbass.

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so, do P basses sound good for all metal playing?
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well cliff used a rickenbacker and newstead used a 5-string Sadowsky bass...so depends which side you want to lean to..however i don't recommend a rickenbacker for iron maiden XD

best thing for you to do is get a p bass with a jazz bass pickup by the bridge..that'll definitely do the trick

not necessarily this bass but take a look at the pickup setup
Ok, thanks for your help. I'm pretty new to bass playing but ill definently look out for P basses with that sort of a pickup setup. If anyone else has anything to add I will be glad to hear it. cheers
I say go with what you like the sound and feel of. There are very few basses that are completely unsuited to metal. Personally, I would never get a P bass, as I much prefer the clarity of single coil pickups. However, P basses can sound good in any situation.
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what is your guitar like justnow? what kind of pickups etc. does it have? This might be a matter of decent EQ'ing, or maybe buying a set of flatwound strings or something - you might not need a new bass.
Look into the Ibanez SRX's. They have massive humbuckers. perfect for metal.

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Ok, first of all Maiden =/= power metal.
Second, I think any bass will really suit you , it's all personal prefrence. A Jazz bass can do metal, a pbass can also. Most Ibanez basses fit in there as well. Out those I'd take a jazz because of the neck. Really you just have to eq properly and have a bass you like the feel of.
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I have a Warwick Corvette $$, and you can get so many different sounds out of it...check out one of those too...
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First of all, make sure you use a lot of mids. That's a problem a lot of people are seeming to half recently.

Now, when it comes to a new bass, you need to make sure you like the feel. I personally love the neck and sound of the P-Bass, but I know a lot of people think it's too clunky. Ibanez have a very thin neck, and the humbuckers sound good depending on what sound you're going for. Personally, I think they sound somewhat sterile.

All in all, I'd look for something with a PJ pickup config. Look at the Fender Deluxe P-bass (I think that's what it's called...).
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