i need some info on this
i have a Epiphone les paul standard + top and i love the damn thing,
but it is damn near impossable to get to use my pinky n' ring finger above (or below, whichever way u look at it) the 12th fret. I was at guitar center and had the privilage to use the Les Paul Axcess which does have this contour and it was great.
so i was wondering is it possable to do this to my Les Paul, would it comprimise the neck joint? and where can i find someone to do this for me.
thanks ahead of time for any help.
i wouldn't think the heel would be as big a problem as the lack of a double cut.
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what do you mean you cant get your finger past the 12th fret? Thats where the cutaway starts... :S
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what do you mean you cant get your finger past the 12th fret? Thats where the cutaway starts... :S

Les Pauls normally have a neck joint that connects around G# or A, so that would be 15/16.

Have you tried placing your thumb on the back of the neck and stretching your fingers? They must be really small if you cant reach around the neck TS.
im sure you could do that to the les paul. just take it to a pro and hed tell you for sure. i got a sg and i love it too
well i can get my two fingers (index & middle) to get to the 21-22 frets, but i like to use all my fingers when playing. when im moving down the neck my thumb gets caught behind the 13-14 frets. i try to keep my thumb alighned with my middle finger when playing, as my classical teacher instructed me, and that simply can t be done past the 14 fret
**** keeping your thumb in line with your fingers.

You're going to find it damn difficult to play guitar if you can't reach past fret 14.
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well i never said i cant reach, its just i woudnt keep the shape i like, with all my fingers at the ready. i can do that easly on my strat, but on the paul i reach the joint and i have to streach my fingers out, leaving my with only 3 fingers to work with.
and lets not make this into a "well u should learn to streach out the tiny fingers" type thing here, i, 6ft4 with big hands.