What chords should i use and know. By heart i mean. i know my major and minors. opens and barres. What else is there. Whats a good practice routine?
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Depends on if you're talking acoustic or electric.

With electric you'll want to know your power chords and all the variations.

Acoustic, you probably want to find some suspentions on standard major and minor chords, as well as chord variations.

Again, with electric, you might want to be able to riff while singing as well.

The best way to be able to play and sing at the same time is to get the guitar part down to muscle memory, and make singing the song effortless, and then combining.
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When I was trying to sing and play on acoustic, Dave Matthews was god to me. He has a lot of intricate chord types and formations that not only get your hands into shape, but really get your mind reeling on how a lot of stuff works. You can sit and memorize chords on paper, but that doesn't really get you to understand whats going on (in my opinion). Plus, once I was able to sing and play a dave song, I really could sing and play anything.
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