I've been playing for several years now, and I feel like I'm plateauing as a player. The main reason is because I've lost interest in getting better, because my initial goal was to get good enough to improv a little bit, and I've reached that goal. I can't find motivation either, so what should I do?
Do you have other interests? are you neglecting them? That could be the cause. Try keeping things in balance a bit more.


Take a planned break and see how much you need you play. But stick with your plan, be it a month, 3 months, 6 months or whatever. You'll either come back really keen or switch your interest to butterflies (or something)
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I'd say find a very difficult song you like and learn it.

I've found the same with other hobbies, unless I keep pushing myself (with challenging but realistic targets, I don't set myself the target of shooting a world record score for instance) to improve then I quickly lose interest as I've got no real reason to do it.
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thats another problem. i dont see the value in learning high speed metal riffs because they sound like **** to me so i dont have much need to get fast. sorry if youre a big fan of that kinda music...