I currently have a B52 AT100 and have an opportunity to trade it for a Peavey XXX. Which would you recommend. I play mostly 70's-90's hard rock. Not really a huge metal person. What are the thoughts about which is the better amp, better tone, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
i'd trade for the xxx, you're making out huge on that deal.
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XXXs cost about $800 more, so even if you don't like it, you can sell it for a huge profit.

Trade now before the guy changes his mind.
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XXX hurry, go now, seriously hurry...

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if you dont like it you can sell it and get another at100

and have some cash left over for a new cab or pickups etc.
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As everyone else said the XXX.

It will get better sounds all around and will do what you want it to.
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Did the exchange. B52 +$50 in exchange for Peavey XXX. Really digging the tone of the XXX so far. Will post pics later. Thanks for all the responses.
Happy new amp day

post pics and clips
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lucky, congrats. that was a steal.

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i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
Yeah I am pretty stoked so far. I have always been a fan of Peavey equipment and this is no exception.
I don't know much about B52 but Peavey high end amps,(5150,6505 and the XXX) are very popular for hard rock/metal/ GAIN. They are gain amps. Should be good for you, though I would not buy one. I do not like the clean tones they have and I play a lot of clean stuff. Not for me but I imagine it would be a good setup for you!

Hope this helps!
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Thanks Butters. I am really happy with the tone. The active EQ is great, really allows some flexability in tones. I am happy with the cleans. I do not like a Fender like clean, I am more of a warm Marshall clean person. The crunch channel so far is my favorite, but the ultra is very good for leads and heavier passages.
dam you've got a windsor, a jcm 800, and now a xxx?
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