I'm planning on getting a delay pedal eventually, and I think I've decided on the Boss DD-7. But I have a question about the tap tempo. My question might be a little confusing, so I'll try very hard to ask it just right.

If I'm trying to get a Dotted Eighth delay effect, do I simply tap the actual tempo of the song? Or do I have to try to tap the actual duration of the delay?

In other words... If my beat divides into:


...I would want the repeats would fall on...


Does the pedal figure this out for me, letting me simply tap the 1, 2, 3, 4, and still have the repeats accurately spaced for a Dotted Eighth delay effect? Or do I actually have to figure out how the hell to tap the button on the Xs?
Not a 100 percent sure but I think you tap out the tempo of each repeat.

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Well... I think I may have found the answer to my question. Thanks to Google, I found a thread in another forum where someone said that on the DD-6, if you have the knob set to 800ms, you can tap in quarter notes and get a dotted eighth delay. And another thread on another forum that said the DD-7 is the same.

Unfortunately I'm having trouble downloading the DD-7 user's manual from Boss's website to confirm this, but it sounds like good news anyway.