The title is self explanatory. I now have the basics covered, at least from my perspective, for what I want to play (Distortion, Overdrive, and Wah) and now I want a pedal that would be fun just to mess around with when I'm bored. The price limit on a pedal like this for me to spend would be somewhere around $120. If it's especially fun, I could go over :P

Maybe this thread won't go anywhere, but I want to see what others like effects-wise that don't include drive.
multi fx will be the most fun to play with. only thing is that the sound quality wont be that great.
Nothing too expensive. If that's what I think it is, I don't want to drop that much cash.
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I have a Pro Junior.
Almost the same thing. Sort of.

But I do love BJ's. Great amps.
Everyone likes BJ's.

that digitech synth wah is pretty fun to play along with. or some of the moog effects or those electro harmonix synth guitar effects. all fun..but rationally unuseful
Synths, pitch shifters, delays, and loopers maybe?
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Line6 FM4? Bit expensive though.

Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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Get a delay - highly practical and fun.

I second this motion, they are very experimental for a simple pedal and can be very creative (definitely get an analog delay, they are so much more fun and unpredictable). However, they are hard to master, which is the same with any pedal I suppose.

Other that, if you have the money, some particualrly interesting pedals are the Eventide TimeFactor, Pigtronix Mothership (have a bit of GAS for this one), Empress SuperDelay, Moog MuRF (personally recommend that one), and even an MXR Phase 90 (it's pretty diverse for only having one knob).

IncuEdit: EHX make some good crazy things, including the POG, HOG, Frequency Analyzer, The Wiggler, Micro Synth and their envelope filters.
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Regarding the delay pedal, what is the best budget analogue pedal to get. The Boss DD range always seemed like a decent purchase but perhaps not.
Digitech Whammy.

That is SO FUN.

And has some musical application as well.
MidFi Glitch Computer.
Has to be the most fun one person can have in a pedal.
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recently, i was feeling the same way as you, and wanted a good pedal with lots of effects. i looked into and decided on the Line 6 floor POD. it has 9 effects: phaser, chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay, sweep echo, reverb, compressor, and noise gate. you can connect your mp3 and jam with it, and also plug in headphones so if your amp is too loud and disturbing people you can plug em in and only you can here it. it also has a wah/volume pedal, a tuner, and can be used as a pre-amp.

i bought it for $150, a little bit out of your budget, but if you spend a little more, you are sure to be rewarded with better quality.
I really enjoyed the Q-Tron for fun. I haven't gotten a chance to use many other envelope filters though.

If you can find one, the Boss Slow Gear is pretty awesome, or you could just work a volume pedal for similar effects.
ehx holy stain, boss ps-5, eventide modfactor, or ampeg scrambler. I own a ps-5 they are a hilarious pedal to play with.
Get one of Zvex's probes, its like a theremin but less lame.
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Delay. You may also *maybe* be able to have some fun that isn't just noise.

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You want some "out there" fun, try to land an MXR Blue Box.


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Get a delay. I have boss dd-3, a digital delay and I have so much fun with this pedal. I'm not even any good with my guitar but I still create some really fun and odd sounds with it. And usually after playing around with it for a while I create something that makes me say, wait that's cool, let me write it down.

I highly suggest getting a delay, it encourages me to both play and be more creative.