this might be a silly question but i put a coil split on my bridge pickup and it is a four conductor one, my neck pickup is two conductor can i put a coil split on it too? cheers
Dean ML Much?
do you honestly think you could split a 2 conductpr pickup?

if that was so what would be the point in 4 conductor pickups
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ha well its not a single coill, no i didnt think that and i wasnt sure i just thought there might be a way. obviously not.
Dean ML Much?
just to let you know i have easily turned a two conductor into a four conductor and put in a coil split.
Dean ML Much?
so if you "easily" turned a 2 conductor into 4 conductor, how can you not know that you cannot put a coil tap switch on a 2 conductor pickup??
i say troll.

it is IMPOSIBLE to do it, easly.

you could however, open it up, and take the leads from each coil... but it could be coiled in some funky way too...

still, i smell troll.
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