I have a really ****ty wah pedal (Give me a break, it was 50$) and It doesn't work anymore. There are two good things that it gave me: A shell, and a project.

I've been thinking about modding this wah, or completely gutting it and replacing the circuit with something that will give it more midrange and sweep range. I really want a nice sounding wah, and I heard you can do it for only a couple of bucks.

The problem is, I have no experience whatsoever in wiring. I took an Electronics and Engineering summer school class, but I was asleep half the time. I know how to solder and what the parts are.

Any suggestions on a quick, easy wah fix-up? I would like to altogether gut the wah and replace the whole circuit with better parts. Any sites where I could buy the board and parts so I could assemble it?
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