So after just giving advice for a while i decide i might as well show somebody what i can do and see if anyone can help me improve.
This recording is an unfinished, pre-mastered mix for an EP i'm recording for a band.

I've tightened up some things since then but any advice would be cool.


You should add them on myspace coz they rock.

Oh yeah, the song is crows, dont forget to stop the video, and fans of the movie "The Crow" should have a laugh :P

wow that snare is loud on myspace on a laptop
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Ahhh come on man. Don't post it on myspace.

Myspace makes everything sound like its stuck in a dogs ass!
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good mix, drums are tad too loud in the intro bit. and you could have raised the guitars and bass compared to the vocals and drums. but overall nicely done, these are just nitpicks.

but! the production isn't that good imo. did the band do that themselves or did you do it aswell? it doesn't spark any interest for me while listening. could you describe the process abit when it comes to the production?
Haha my downloads died so i couldnt upload it myself, its their song.

Production was mostly them, they had a pretty damn clear view of EXACTLY what they wanted.

Most of the stuff i added was in the mixing, and also the intro. They came in, and they said this is what we want, ok add this here etc etc. I put in a couple of pointers and yeah like i said most of the stuff was effects that i added. I also played the solo at the end XD
it's a shame because it all could have been sounding alot better with good production. I think if you were to take more charge and make sure the production gets a lift in situations like this you would actually gain a more positive reputation in the band scene. obviously not changing things around too much, but making sure everything sounds well thought through and making everything sound it's best. getting a good flow in the song is really important aswell.
Ill show you guys the other songs as well, you might find them more interesting. I do see what you mean and i'll definately have to start doing it in the future. I can't do heaps because as you can hear its not simple 4 chord music.