I'm looking to record some guitar stuff so I read around the forums a bit and saw this setup recommended:

Shure SM57 -> Presonus Inspire 1394 -> Cubase SX3 (which I have already).

I'd be mic'ing my ENGL screamer.

The total price of this would be around £200, $290 ish.

BUT I have about £275 which is around $400.

Seeing as I'm a complete n00b and don't know anything about recording; is there anything I could get that's slightly better for the extra money?
Nope, all the interfaces around that price range are all pretty much in the same league.

Actually i lie Check out the MOTU stuff, DEFINATELY a step up. Hang on i'll look for a link

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EDIT: Here are the links



Unfortunately out of your price range.... So yeah, the presonus route will do it fine.

Also, dude, KUDOS TO YOU FOR SEARCHING FIRST! You're one of the few who don't ask the same question every time.

Also for more info check the links in my sig.
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Do you plan on ever recording more than just guitar? Drums?
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