The next thing I'm going to buy is going to be either a chorus, a wah or a shiny new Ibanez Destroyer and I figure I can get the chorus and one of the other two and have money to spare.
So, what's a really good chorus pedal for high depth settings, for things like the Surfin' With the Alien sound?
I'm willing to splurge a little bit, but not like Damage Control expensive.
Fulltone Choralflange is probably the best chorus pedal.


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The visual sound liquid chorus has a depth knob if you want alot of chorus.

agreed. i have the H20 (the liquid chorus with a delay too) and it gives me a very nice surfing with the alien tone.
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Thanks, will look into both.

Any idea on whar price I could get it for roughly, bearing in mind the state of the pound?

/prepares for tons of dudes with no experience with boss pedals ****ting on it.
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Boss CE-5, decent pedal.
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I looked at the BOSS chorus pedals. I sent an email to BOSS both are digital so if you want analog like I did then they werent the ones to get.
MXR Stereo Chorus, Analogman Chorus or the H2O are all great chorus pedals.
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