im about to buy the parts and i was wondering is there anything i should know before i go ordering the floyd. Im putting it on my strat copy for that eighty's shred look and feel, is it just like installing a strat bridge but with pickguard filing and locking nut installing?
You will still need to route the body for it to fit , and the pickguard , and saw into the neck to make the nut hole larger so the locking one can fit.
Not worth it just for look and feel , if you actualy use it then its worth it.
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You need to route a bit into the top of the body anyway. the floyd bridge is much taller than a strat bridge.

he might be able to get away with shimming the neck a bit to create the angle
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i don't like to shim strat necks tbh. tis possible though.

yeah its not ideal but theres not too many other options if routing is a definite no-go
okay screw it, i dont mind strat bridges are cheaper i just thought it would look cooler and have better tuning stability but i hell cbf routing and screwing up the mad canary yellow finish
you can shim it the neck to give it an angle....

If you get one, only buy either an Original, Schaller or Gotoh floyd, there the best for keeping tune etc...