I have a AD60VT my friend borrowed it previously to loaning it out the amps volume was begining to decrease slowly like what once was five on the volume swwitch sounds like two ect. My problem now is that when i turn my amp on it makes no noise or if it does it just buzzes and makes no other noise. Any possible ideas as to what the sources of this problem is or some possible ways to fix it?

Thanks a Ton
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im not exactly sure what happened but he was saying something about the tube in the amp and im pretty sure its solid state

but is that common with speakers blowing like the sound getting quieter and eventually just buzzing?

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Valvetronix are hybrids. There is an ECC83 in the power amp stage. That could be the problem. I reccomend asking here http://www.valvetronix.net/forums/.
That is THE site for valvetronix questions.
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