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Lately I've been noticing plently of hardcore songs are focused on the sea (especially aussie hxc), for example;

Boneyards - Parkway Drive
Sharks In Your Mouth - I Killed The Prom Queen
Idols and Anchords - Parkway Drive
oh and of course that new Atreyu album... lead sails paper anchor

so anywayyyy
can anyone suggest some more?
its an interesting concept, and id like to hear a few more songs similar to these
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the bands you listed arnt hardcore

on another note...


its a conspiracy!

sorry ralph wiggum. ill be more careful next time

whats up the the AD? I noticed Antagonist added an 'AD' to the end of their name too.
another band already had that name so instead of changing it they just put AD on the end
did you see antagonist at princess theater the other night?
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haha woah
i learnt something

i saw them Thursday night at princess. played with red shore, as blood runs black and before the throne. Pretty solid gig.
Were you there?
no i was going to
to much of a mission to get there and back on public transport and i need to save money
The Failsafe - Misery Signals

to that one, i'm pretty sure it's about a sinking ship or something; after the "no one was watching" bit you can hear some guy saying "can i please be in the back of the boat?" referring to the lifeboats (on the studio version at least. the video cuts like 3 minutes short and slices the breakdown. ****wads.)

and Aesthetic - BTBAM is about musicians playing as the Titanic was going down, so it's somewhat related.

if you're looking for non-metalcore songs, there's always Ahab.