the tenth fret on the small e string sounds exactly like the eleventh for some reason:S only if i reall press it down it sounds like the tenth. does any one know what the problem is? something with the tuning? i should mention that i play an ibanez rg with a floyd rose
Sounds like a good setup / fret dress is in order..
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You need some neck relief and your action is too low. You could also do with a fret dress.

This happened to me a little while ago; I just sent it to get proffesionally set up yesterday.
if two frets sound the same, then you most likely have a high fret.

so when you fret the high one it sounds sharp, then when you fret the next one, it sounds the same as the last.

high, low, crooked frets are easy enough to fix.

in addition you can check your intonation.
there are two setup threads at the top of the page.
you'll want to floyd one.

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