Can one hook up a combo amp to a cabinent?

I have a send and receive in the back of the combo amp but I'm not sure if that's how it works... like if I specifically need an amp head.


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Yes. Many combos have a plug going into the speaker that you can use to plug right into a cabinet. If not it can still be done with a little wiring work. You need to be careful to use the right impedance. Impedance is basically the resistance of the circut the power goes through IE the speakers. Too high an impedance and the extra resistance kills the volume and could possibly hurt the amp but the biggest amp killer is running with too little impedance. If the amp is pushing through a circut thats too easy to push through (low impedance low resistance) the amp will be pushing more electricity than it was designed to making it run hot and burn out quickly possibly even with some smoking pete townsend-esque effects. Check the impedance of whatever youre plugging into and check what the amp is designed to run with and make sure (if applicable) that the amp is set to that impedance output. if everything is compatible as far as cab impedance and designed output impedance rock on.